System Revisions

Our Experience - Your Safety

All enterprises with central approval and companies that have declared liability in construction matters must have updated and adapted quality assurance routines for their company according to. CASE 10 §10.1. (Read more at DIBK) In order to work efficiently, we recommend that all companies that undertake liability law incorporate quality assurance routines that will apply to the company and which the company then implements in their projects. 

You get a complete review and adaptation of all quality assurance procedures that are relevant to your business. 

Save time when customizing routines.

Changes in legislation can be difficult to follow. One of the great benefits of this service is that your business saves significant time on reviewing and customizing your routines. Here you will get an introduction to the changes that affect your quality assurance. Our experienced consultants help and guide you through the process so that you also learn from this. In this way, your company becomes better acquainted with the Quality Management routines and gets matched between routines and actual implementation of the projects. 


  • Review and definition of the company's business areas
  • Preparation of organizational plan for the company
  • Information about possible amendments to the Planning and Building legislation and requirements for Quality Management routines in SAK10 §10-1
  • Adaptation of new or existing Quality Management routines